C-sections are on the rise – over 30% nationally, and over 40% at major hospitals, so the odds are high that you will be faced with that possibility.

Whether you are planning on a vaginal birth or a cesarean – this book explains (with Insider Secrets and personal stories) – how to avoid an unnecessary c-section, be properly prepared for an elective, scheduled or emergency cesarean, and how to speed your recovery so you can enjoy bonding with your baby.

Author Mark Zakowski, M.D., an Obstetric Anesthesiologist, has personally helped more than 24,000 women give birth. From his unique perspective and extensive experience, he shares medical, holistic, and human insights gained from the wonderful women he has taken care of.

This book is so great! I couldn’t stop reading it. When I was done, I felt like I was totally prepared for whatever could happen at the hospital- and so much more relaxed! I’ve never had a csection, so the possibility was scary before I read this book!” ~ Momof4
Great tips and stories. I wish all my patients would read this (Dr. Mark’s) book.” ~ Michael Tahery, MD, OB GYN and Urogynecologist


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